Where Leaders for Public Gardens Come From by Susan Harris

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Where Leaders for Public Gardens Come From by Susan Harris,26 May 2017 in gardening

The ridiculously fit Bill Thomas when I first met him in 2006. Last week I showed off my favorite views

Once more in Buffalo—this time for the GWA by Elizabeth Licata,25 May 2017 in gardening

Those of you who belong to the Garden Writers Association know that its annual conference happens in Buffalo August 4–7.

The Mysterious Case of the Orange Petunia by Allen Bush,24 May 2017 in gardening

Outlawed orange-red petunia   If you’re growing an orange petunia this summer, you may be one of the lucky ones.

Chanticleer, the Modern Gardener’s Garden by Susan Harris,19 May 2017 in gardening

Butchart’s Sunken Garden Serious gardeners love to hate Butchart Gardens, Canada’s most famous public garden, and I’ll cop to being one of

Crazy petunias—what do we think? by Elizabeth Licata,16 May 2017 in gardening

These are still recovering from shipping trauma Sometimes, I look at my Facebook feed to get inspiration for a post,

Portrait of a Garden by Thomas Christopher,15 May 2017 in gardening

I had, when I studied horticulture back in the 1970’s, the good fortune to be exposed to the last generation

Backyard Labyrinths Trending? by Susan Harris,12 May 2017 in gardening

Labyrinths are on the rise, especially at schools and churches, but ones in home gardens like this will never catch

Always Dreaming by Allen Bush,10 May 2017 in gardening

Long lines at the betting window last weekend were not my concern. I piddled around on Derby Day at home—on

When trees come in handy by Elizabeth Licata,09 May 2017 in gardening

There used to be a beach here at this Lake Ontario park, but the water is now up to the

Meet the New On-Camera Gardening Guru by Susan Harris,05 May 2017 in gardening

Laura LeBoutillier was working at her parents’ garden center in Eastern Oregon, and husband Aaron was working at the local